Thorney Technologies Ltd [TEK] is an ASX-listed investment company (LIC), with a broad mandate to invest in technology-related investments at all phases of the investment lifecycle. TEK seeks to identify early stage companies with new and disruptive technology and business models, and invests in a broad range of areas of technology, such as fin-tech, e-commerce, education, agriculture, medical, telecommunication, robotics and AI. High quality deal flow is generated via our networks established in Australia, Israel and USA for investment opportunities in both listed and unlisted entities.

TEK is managed by the privately owned Thorney Investment Group [TIG] under a long-term investment management agreement. TIG has grown its own portfolio substantially over the past two decades and it is this same strategy that TEK employs as it carefully selects its investments.

Through the investment management agreement TEK has access to the same investment team and deal flow as TIG and has already co-invested with TIG in a number of the investments that TEK has undertaken so far.

You can invest in TEK by purchasing shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).